Success story of Rakhmatova Toktogul from Bishkek

Rakhmatova Toktogul is an example of not only a successful businesswoman who knows how to competently develop her business, but also who loves her profession with all her heart.

Toktogul lives and works in a residential area near the city of Bishkek, married, mother of three children. Toktogul has been doing business for many years – he owns a private kindergarten “Bala-Ordo”. She has been cooperating with Baylyk Finance since 2019, and she directed the loans she received to the development of her business. In each new loan, the Company’s employees observe positive changes in the development of its business. At the beginning, Toktogul received loans from Baylyk Finance to update furniture in the kindergarten, later she developed her business and timely financing allowed her to open two more kindergartens in new residential areas, where there is a shortage of public schools and kindergartens. In addition, Toktogul provides jobs for 26 people.

She is very responsible and approaches her work with great love. “We spend most of our time at work, it’s just impossible not to love what you do all day! Children are my life! I like to watch them grow and change. And most importantly, I am glad that I can contribute to improving the lives of people in my area!”, – Toktogul notes.

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