Bailyk Finance offers its clients voluntary insurance services. At the request of the client, life and health or real estate offered as collateral can be insured, while the client receives a discount on the interest rate on the loan in the amount of 2 percent.

Bailyk Finance has been cooperating with the Insurance Company “Zdorovie”, for 9 years, which has been present on the insurance market of Kyrgyzstan since 1993.

Making an insurance policy:

In the Bailyk Finance office, when applying for a loan, you will be offered to insure your life and health, as well as real estate, which is collateral for the loan. This service is voluntary and for registration you need to provide only a passport. The insurance coverage covers the entire term of the loan; when the loan is extended, the validity of the insurance policy is not extended, but if you repay the loan ahead of schedule, the insurance continues to be valid.

The amount of the insurance commission is from 2,3% to 5% of the loan amount. However, when obtaining a loan with insurance, the interest rate on your loan can be reduced by 1% – 2%. For example, if without insurance the annual nominal rate is 45%, then with insurance it is 44%.

Benefits of taking out insurance:

  • The main advantage of insurance is financial protection in the event of an emergency.

This allows, in the event of an insured event, not to burden relatives in loan payments, and the obligations are transferred to the Insurance Company.

  • Preservation of the usual standard of living for the period of disability.
  • Effective planning of the family budget.

Receipt of insurance compensation in the event of an insured event.

In the event of an accident, you or your relatives must notify your specialist at Bailyk Finance as soon as possible. To confirm the insured event, you must provide a passport; original insurance policy; Discharge summary or certificate from a medical institution; KKM checks if they were treated in a private medical institution. A more detailed list of documents can be found in the Information material “Procedure for registration of an insured event”


Successful cooperation with IC “Zdorovie” is confirmed by a constant level of insurance payments – more than 75% of those who apply receive compensation.

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