Murabaha is a transaction between the Company and the Client, which provides for the sale by installments of goods purchased by the Company at the request of the Client, in which the Company fully discloses the cost of the goods and the margin.

Financing amount:

From 5,000 som to 300,000 som inclusive

The subject of purchase and sale can be:

  • Appliances,
  • Mobile phones, tablets and other devices
  • Furniture, household items,
  • Livestock and fertilizer,
  • Vehicles and more.

The subject of purchase and sale cannot be:

  • Gold, silver and products from them;
  • Foreign currency;
  • Securities;
  • Working capital, where assets are secured by receivables;
  • Works and services;
  • Pork and products containing pork;
  • Alcoholic products;
  • tobacco products;
  • gambling;
  • Refinancing of another transaction, including the conclusion of a Murabaha Agreement in respect of a product that is the subject of a previous Murabaha Agreement with the same client;
    other goods in respect of which the Sharia Council has decided to prohibit or undesirable the conclusion of the Murabaha transaction.


  • NO down payment
  • NO commission
  • WITHOUT collateral
  • WITHOUT fines
  • Minimum documents
  • For one day
Financing term Margin (% of the purchase price ) Security
1-6 months 18% 1 guarantee required:
– if the amount of financing is more than 200,000 soms
–  if the client does not have a credit history, both in the Company and in other FIs, and the amount of financing is more than 105,000 soms
7-12 months 22%
13-18 months 25%
19-24 months 27%
25-36 months 30%

How to pay off “Murabaha” financing through payment terminals and e-wallet?


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