Awarding diplomas of the best employees of the Bailyk Finance Company under the IFC project

On July 6, the closing of the IFC housing project took place, at which the best employees of the Bailyk Finance Company were awarded diplomas

They became:
Kristina Shapovalova, IFC Housing Project Coordinator, Head Office;
Bekzhan Mamytov, Finance Manager, Barskoon Office;
Elgiza Arapbayeva, Chief Finance Specialist, Suzak Office;
Ermek Amankulova, Chief Finance Specialist, Tokmok Office;
Aisulu Sarkarova, Finance Specialist, Oktyabrsky office.

Bailyk Finance is the first microcredit company that became a partner of the HMF IFC (World Bank Group) program for financing the microhousing sector and sustainable energy in Kyrgyzstan.

“We have achieved great results: more than 25,000 families have been financed under this project. The development and promotion of the project is important for the sustainable development of the country, as it allows to reduce the population’s costs of energy resources in the face of ever-increasing tariffs for them, and also gives an environmental effect in the form of reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere through the use of new green technologies.

Special attention is paid to financing projects for the purchase of equipment based on renewable energy sources.” – noted Chinara Moldazhanova, General Director of the MCC “Bailyk Finance” when receiving the Company’s honorary award from the project.
Note that the Company does not stop there and plans to further develop the green direction!

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