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Repayment of “Murabakha” financing through payment terminals and electronic wallets

We are pleased to announce that now Bailyk Finance clients can repay Murabakh financing in payment terminals and electronic wallets.
Do not want to waste your time and stand in line, Bailyk Finance always tries to help its client!
Now you can choose the most convenient and simple way to repay financing:

How to pay through payment terminals
1. On the screen of the payment terminal, select the “Banking and financial services” section.
2. Select MCC “Bailyk Finance” “Islamic Window”.
3. Enter your TIN. (In case of incorrect input, the terminal will report an error. In this case, you need to double-check your details)
4. Enter the required funding repayment amount.
5. Be sure to check whether the amount paid is sufficient for repayment, taking into account the commission operating in the terminal.
6.Click “Pay”.

How to pay with e-wallets
1. Open the application of one of the partners of the MCC “Bailyk Finance”.
2. Next, select “Repayment of loans”.
3. Select MCC “Bailyk Finance” “Islamic Window”
4. Enter your TIN.
5. Enter the required loan repayment amount.
6. Click “Pay”.

Important! In Pay Way payment terminals, change can now be transferred to pay for the balance of a mobile phone without commission! That is, if you deposited more than the required amount, i.e. you still have change, you can credit this amount to pay the balance of your mobile phone! Please note that money for mobile communications is credited without commission!

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