Success story Torobekova Dilbar from the village. October

Torobekova Dilbar, 54, a client of the Oktyabrskoye office, applied to Bailyk Finance for the first time, and attracted her preferential loan for the purchase of Renewable Energy sources.

Dilbar and her husband have been engaged in animal husbandry for many years. All year round, the family lives in a jailoo (pasture), grazing their cattle, and also provide services to shepherds. The pasture is located in the mountains, 60 km away. from the district center – the city of Jalal-Abad. There Dilbar has her own house, barn, garden and everything necessary for living conditions. Strawberries are grown in season, there is an apple orchard, the harvest is sold at the market. Dilbar has three children. The eldest daughter is married. The eldest son is working in Russia, this year he plans to return, get married and build a house in the village of Oktyabrskoye. The youngest son is a student, studying to be a veterinarian, since he has been looking after cattle since childhood and dreamed of helping animals when he grows up, also believes that at this time it is one of the important and sought–after professions.

Dilbar and her husband purchased photovoltaic panels with a loan of 150,000 som, since there is no electricity on Jailoo. The power of the purchased panel will be enough for an electric separator, a charger for phones, a small TV and several light bulbs. Now life on the pasture will become much more comfortable for the Dilbar family.

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