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World Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Baylyk Finance congratulates you on World Women’s Entrepreneurship Day!💐
This holiday is aimed at empowering women entrepreneurs around the world🤝

The Baylyk Finance company is a shining example of the implementation of gender-inclusive policies and the principle of gender equality and is actively involved in projects to support women’s entrepreneurship:
• The company attracted financing from the EBRD in the amount of 1 million US dollars with the condition that most of the loan proceeds would be used to develop women’s entrepreneurship;
• The company attracted funding from IFC in the amount of $2.5 million with the condition that the loan funds be used to support women’s entrepreneurship and green technologies;
• The company, together with USAID, conducted a program for the personal and professional development of women entrepreneurs.
• Together with the USAID’s Future Growth Initiative project, the Company supported the holding of a competition under the auspices of the Youth Movement “I Love Kyrgyzstan” and the Association of Microfinance Organizations of Kyrgyzstan to expand the economic opportunities of women in the regions by teaching them the basics of entrepreneurship. The company provided preferential loans and grants to the winners of the competition.
• The company supports partnership projects for training women entrepreneurs, including jointly with the NGO Women’s Forum “Kurak”, ACTED.
• The company purchased special gender bonds issued by Bank of Asia CJSC.

The company also periodically holds special promotions and events to provide preferential financing to women

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