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Ak kalpak – Pride of the Kyrgyz!

On March 5, Ak Kalpak Day is celebrated in Kyrgyzstan!

This is a holiday in honor of the national headdress of the Kyrgyz – white kalpak.

The shape of the headdress symbolizes the height of the surrounding mountains and the purity of the soul of the people.

We sincerely congratulate you on Ak Kalpak Day! Let the national headdress Ak kalpak always be proudly worn by our men!

May our traditional clothing continue to reflect the greatness of the nation, contribute to the preservation, development and recognition of our historical and cultural values throughout the world.

“When you see a light in the sky, know that it is a star. You will see the one who put on the ak kalpak. Know that this is Kyrgyz.”
Ch. Aitmatov

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