History of Mirlan Akhmatov from Novopavlovka

Since childhood, Mirlan Akhmatov loved horses and dreamed that someday he would have real racers. Years passed, life went by in daily routine. It already seemed that the dream would remain a dream - distant and unattainable. But, one day Mirlan decided - when, how not to start now to realize the childhood dream? No sooner said than done. Mirlan came to the “MCC Bailyk Finance" and took his first credit to implement his long-cherished dream - breeding racehorses.

From credit funds built a stall for 10 places to create suitable conditions for keeping expensive animals. Mirlan also practices training race horses and gives space for rent for keeping livestock. With the help of credits, he tries to constantly increase the number of race horses – currently, Mirlan already has 3 horses, each of which costs more than 150 thousand soms.

He and his team exhibit their pets in various competitions. In 2016, Mirlan's horses participated in the World Nomad Games. Recently, Mirlan received a credit from us for the sixth time, especially noting the speed of issuance and quality service from our credit officers. We are happy to help such entrepreneur as Mirlan not only to develop his business, but also to make his dreams come true.