History of Tologonovoy Jenishkul from v. Bokonbaevo

The entire history of illness of Tologonova Jenishkul-eje - a regular customer of the company. She herself is a doctor - working as a midwife at a local maternity hospital. All the time being in concern about the health of other people, she did not notice how she got sick - pain in her kidneys and difficulties during urination began to bother her. During medical observation, stones were found in her right kidney. Jenishkul-eje underwent two operations, but, unfortunately, it was not possible to completely remove the stones, and further treatment was required. Therefore, employees of the company told Jenishkul-eje about the new credit product "Health". Jenishkul-eje seized the opportunity and received treatment that helped improve her health. Now Jenishkul-eje has already gone to work and she feels well. “It's good that there is such an affordable health-improvement credit! After all, it is not always possible to accumulate the required amount from the salary, especially from the salary of a medic. Now I advise my friends who have health problems to take a credit and pass an examination without delay. As a doctor, I tell them that the sooner you identify a disease, the easier and cheaper it will be to cure.”