History of Abdumanap kyzy Ayperi

The “Ming Turkun” credit product was designed specifically to enable people to acquire useful and necessary things without delaying "for later." Therefore, we made it very fast and not burdened with unnecessary bureaucracy. Now we are convinced that the product is in great demand because it helps people improve their quality of life.

Abdumanap Kyzy Ayperi and her husband got married recently. A young family could not buy furniture for their new home. They Looked for options to borrow money from their friends for the purchase in installments, but the search did not give any result. Through her acquaintances, Ayperi found out about our company, and applied for a credit to buy furniture in the office of “Bailyk Finance” in v. Bazar-Korgon. At the first meeting with the borrower, the credit specialists of “Bailyk Finance” gave full information on how to quickly arrange a credit for furniture and offered to consider furniture options from our supplier Abdukarimova Barno. Our supplier made our client a discount and helped with the delivery of furniture to her house. Ayperi was very glad that she had almost completely furnished her house. After paying off a credit for furniture, Ayperi and her family are planning to take another credit to buy a TV and a washing machine.