History of a group from Ananievo

When a group of people comes to us for a credit, we always pay attention to the relationship among the group members. Friendly groups always extinguish a credit more successfully. We are very fortunate to work with a group, consisting of Absamatov Ayatbek, Edilova Jyldyzgul and Tyulebaeva Eliza since the first day of opening our office. All members of the group are goal-oriented people with an active lifestyle. 

Ayatbek - is engaged in cattle breeding. He has a strong subsidiary farm. With the help of “Bailyk Finance” credits, Ayatbek and his family increased their livestock and bought a one-room apartment in Bishkek. 

Edilova Jyldyz is engaged in clothing trade. She used her part of the credit to increase the turnover - increased the range of goods by adding children's clothes. Jyldyz was also able to increase the number of sale points through the purchase of a pavilion. Now she has 2 points: a container and a pavilion. 

Tyulebaeva Eliza is also engaged in trade. She also bought a container and increased the range of goods. 

Business oriented and neat members of this group always make credit payments on time, avoiding delays, and they recommend our company to all their friends. As Jyldyz said: “I don’t understand people who do nothing but complain about life, without undertaking anything to change it for the better. Money does not fall from the sky for us too. But, we - I, Eliza and Ayatbek united in a group to jointly develop our business, and I am glad that we succeed. I advise all my friends and acquaintances to not be afraid and lazy, but to take a credit from “Bailyk Finance” and start changing their life for the better.” 

Members of the group:

  • Absamatov Ayatbek - a farmer,
  • Edilova Jyldyzgul - trade in manufactured goods,
  • Tyulebaeva Eliza - trade in manufactured goods.