The resident of the village Soviet Saparkul-Apa is 63 years old, she has been retired for a long time, she lives with two granddaughters. Recently, in a school where her granddaughters are studying, was introduced an electronic form of education - now students will need devices that support the Internet to complete tasks. Of course, it would be too much for a pensioner, Saparkul-apa, to buy even one smartphone, and 2 phones are required for both granddaughters. It is good that she heard about the “Ming Turkun” credit product and came directly to the Bailyk Finance office in Kemin. According to Sapakul-apa: “Your company helped me a lot because, first, I was able to get a credit to buy two phones for my girls at once and I could slowly pay with my pension, and second, I didn’t have to go to buy the phones in Bishkek, spend time and money on the road, I bought them right in your office. For me, an elderly person, this is also a huge plus. Now my girls are very satisfied - they will be able to fully engage in their school under the new system. It is very important for me, because I dream so that they get a good education and grow up to be worthy people! ”