Customer care

“Bailyk Finance” pays special attention to the social impact of its services on the lives of borrowers. To this end, the company ordered a social audit of its activities in 2016 using the SPI4 tool, which defined areas for improving the company's management system and methods by:

  • Universal Social Performance Management Standards is a comprehensive guide to best practices developed by experts for the microfinance sector as a resource that helps organizations achieve a dual goal: financial and social impact.
  • Smart Campaign Certification Client Protection Standards are the minimum standards that customers can expect when they make a deal with a financial institution.

As part of its social impact policy, “Bailyk Finance” developed and introduced a special credit product “Health”. It was created specifically to allow our clients to undergo a medical examination and treatment on time, since many people in rural areas do not take good care of their health. This credit product has a lower interest rate and discounts in partner laboratories, clinics and pharmacies. Taking care of people's health, we launched a series of seminars in the regions on health issues topics with the participation of our medical expert Jumabekov Murat Nazarovich. 

In December 2017, we held a campaign for the distribution of humanitarian aid to our especially needy clients for the first time. Candidates for the distribution of grocery gifts were identified by our staff, who were concerned about the welfare of their borrowers. 

Our company contributes to improving financial literacy among the population. To this end, in 2017, the company organized, with the help of IFC specialists, training on how to train its credit specialists to conduct effective consultations on improving financial literacy among clients.