Loan for "Renewable Energy Sources"

Loan for Renewable Energy Sources

A loan for the purchase of Renewable Energy Sources, for the installation of photovoltaic panels, electric shepherds, solar dryers, water heaters for home and business, electricity converters and other modern technologies, that allow not only to save on payments for energy consumption, but also contribute to environmental care.



Purchase of Renewable Energy Technologies


From 5,000 soms to 105,000 soms


From 1 to 18 months


20% per annum (with insurance policy)
22% per annum (without insurance policy)

Cash service fee

1.7% of the loan amount


You can get the full cost calculation of the loan from our loan officers at the nearest office. Choose an office.

Calculator calculations are made approximately. You can obtain more detailed information about the repayment amount and the full cost of the loan from your loan specialist at the nearest office

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