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Almaz Ibraimkulov, a resident of the village of Bokonbaevo, Issyk-Kul region, lived with his family and an old mother in very modest conditions. To help Almaz and his family expand their housing, his relatives collected money and helped with the construction of a new house. But he didn’t have enough money to build a roof. A neighbor of Almaz advised him to apply for a credit in our company to improve housing. On March 5, 2015, Almaz asked us for a credit to repair the roof. We offered Almaz the product “Home Improvement”, counted the cost on the calculator, compiled a budget, helped save a little on materials, and also provided training video on modern roof construction technologies. “I am a builder myself, but I learned a lot of new things,”- Almaz highly appreciated the quality training videos.

Almaz and his family turned out to be very conscientious borrowers and repaid all the credit payments in time. Now they live in a spacious and well-built house, built according to all the rules. In March 2018, he again turned to us for a second credit for finishing the house. And we are only happy to deal with such responsible and honest people like Almaz. We wish him continued success and congratulate his family on their housewarming!



  • Repair, construction and insulation of housing
  • Creating a comfortable living environment
  • Insulation of external walls
  • Replacement of windows
  • Roof replacement and insulation
  • Walling
  • Floor device
  • Construction and equipment of a bathroom
  • Finishing work (wallpapers, linoleum, laminate, painting)


From 10,000 soms to 300,000 soms


From 1 to 24 months


35% per annum (with insurance policy)

37% per annum (without insurance policy)


1.7% of the credit amount


  • Cost estimate for the purchase of building materials, as well as the calculation of energy savings in the insulation of housing.
  • Training videos how to choose high-quality building materials and how to carry out repair and construction work according to the rules independently.
  • The list of suppliers of quality building materials that receive discounts, if the client is our borrower

This product is designed for those who want to create comfortable conditions for their families and / or make their homes more energy efficient. We are sure that with warming and proper use of high-quality building materials, our customers will burn significantly less fuel, which ultimately:

  • allow them to save money on paying for fuel;
  • and also to help purify the air and the environment.

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