"Group" Loan

of success

Group credits are a special type of credits that require not only finding other members of a group, but such people who would be aware that they are jointly liable for the obligations of the group. It so happened that the members of this group have been united for a long time and have been credited with us since the opening of our office. They never delay payments and support each other if someone suddenly has temporary difficulties. Ryskul-eje is a teacher in labor at secondary school No. 4 in Balykchy, and in her spare time she is engaged in providing sewing services: she accepts orders for tailoring costumes for dance groups and orders for clothing restoration. She decided to invest her part of the credit in her own business - she purchased materials (fabrics and accessories) for sewing and thus increased the turnover. Gulsunbubu-eje is also engaged in the provision of sewing services, mainly taking orders for tailoring of national products (kurak toshok, pillows, and blankets). This time on the credit received, she made a bathroom repair. Ryskeldy-bike works as a driver for the mayor of Balykchy. On credit funds he repaired the chassis of his car and build a bathroom in his house. "We are pleased that “Bailyk Finance” provides us with such opportunities: we are improving our living conditions, investing money in our business. We have a group of like-minded people - none of us approve of spending on goods and holidays, we all spend money with benefit for business and family ", - the participants of the group speak with one voice.

We wish this group continued success and prosperity!


  • Starting a business
  • Existing business development
  • Consumer needs


From 10,000 soms to 210,000 soms per participants of the group


From 3 to 18 months


39% per annum (with insurance policy)

41% per annum (without insurance policy)


2.5% of the credit amount


The credit is issued to the Joint Responsibility Group (JRG), which includes from 3 to 5 participants.

The joint responsibility of the group members for the full repayment of the group credit.

Calculation of the full cost of the loan you can get from our loan officers in the nearest office. Choose office

Calculator calculations are made approximately. You can obtain more detailed information about the repayment amount and the full cost of the loan from your loan specialist at the nearest office

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