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Sixty-nine-year-old Gulsun Shakirova, a happy mother of five children did not think and guess that this could happen. But, the son of Gulsun-eje was diagnosed with a serious kidney disease, and a transplant was required. One of the daughters of Gulsun-eje agreed to give her kidney to save her brother, they found a clinic in Moscow. Of course, a lot of money was required for the operation and subsequent rehabilitation. Collected the whole world, but still not enough money. Out of desperation, Gulsun-eje turned to the bank, but the bank refused to grant the credit. It is good that one of the sisters told Gulsun-eje that the “MCC Bailyk Finance” is issuing a soft credit just for the purpose of treatment. The desperate mother immediately went to the nearest office of the company “Bailyk Finance”. Gulsun-eje is still very grateful that the employees of Bailyk Finance who were sympathetic to her issues, very quickly reviewed and issued a credit. Now Gulsun-eje and her family are fine - the operation was successful, the son is recovering. “When your child is sick, you get sick with him,” says Gulsun-eje, “there is nothing more terrible than a feeling when you cannot help your child.” The trouble comes when a person does not wait, and at this moment it is very important that others give a helping hand. On behalf of my whole family, I want to thank your company for helping us at the moment when we needed it most. ”


  • For the diagnosis of the disease
  • For treatment and prevention
  • For recovery in sanatoriums and resorts


From 5,000 soms to 50,000 soms


From 1 to 18 months


  • 30% - for clients with a credit history in our Company
  • 32% - for clients who do not have a credit history in our Company


1.7% of the credit amount




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