Credit Products

Problems of poverty, income inequality, environmental protection, improvement of living conditions and increase in life expectancy of the population are currently concerned not only with international organizations and the state. Mankind has progressed much ahead in recognizing the responsibility of everyone for solving these problems. Today, all socially responsible companies are trying to contribute to the solution of global problems, realizing that any company in one way or another influences nature and society, and it depends on the company's decision whether its impact is negative or positive.

Working in the regions, we constantly observed that our citizens do not take good care of their health and do not engage in the prevention of diseases. In addition, low-income families fail to save and have savings in case of illness, and therefore a sudden illness takes them by surprise. “Bailyk Finance” company decided to help preserve the health and increase the life expectancy of our citizens, and within the framework of this social mission, developed a credit product “Health” with preferential interest rates, which allows current and potential clients to undergo a medical examination and treatment in a timely manner, especially in the case of sudden illness. The product was launched recently, but has already helped many people.