Experienced financier with 20 years of experience. She began her career back in 1998 as the head of the Balykchy’s branch of Mercy Corps “Mercyco”. Having accumulated solid experience in microfinance, she founded the Microcredit Company “Mol Bulak Finance”, in the formation of which she took part in from 2005 to 2013. Chinara Darkenbaevna has many years of international experience in the development of microcredit companies. Since January 2013, she has been the General Director of LLC “MCC “Bailyk Finance.”




Maxim Polevoy, a highly qualified specialist with twenty years of experience in the field of information technologies. Graduated from the Kyrgyz Technical University named after I. Razzakov, faculty of Innovative Technologies, specializing in Engineering.


Mr. Polevoy has a successful practice in implementation and development of network systems. He was involved in the implementation of corporate call center. He also has experience in preparing certified courses for network engineers, software engineer and webmasters. At the moment, he is actively working on the innovative and technical development of Bailyk Finance company.



Director of Legal Affairs

He has more than 10 years of experience in legal support of banks and microfinance organizations, including as a lawyer of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic and a large microcredit company, as well as in the status of a senior partner of TDM Plus Law Firm.

Janarbek Satarovich successfully completed the LLM in International Banking and Finance Law master's program in the City University of London in 2019.


human resources DIRECTOR

Mrs. Duyshekeeva Graduated the Kyrgyz - Russian Slavic University, qualification "Social psychologist". Has extensive experience in human resources management. She began her career as Head of Human Resources Management at OJSC "AsiaUniversalBank".

Mrs. Duyshekeeva has successfully worked on various projects to create and merge various corporate cultures and personnel administration and also provided control of standards. She passed several training courses on personnel certification and motivation. At the moment, she is actively working on the development of training plan of the personnel of the Bailyk Finance company.






He began his career as a credit administrator of a large microcredit company. Purposefulness, striving for continuous development, improvement of professional and personal skills allowed the young and promising specialist to make a brilliant career in the microfinance field. In the course of his work, Arzymat was involved in the improvement of the credit process, he also supervised credit procedures, carried out staff checks, and also monitored and analyzed the credit portfolio. Currently holds the position of Financial Director of the LLC “MCC "Bailyk Finance." He graduated with honors from the Faculty of Economics of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University with a degree in Finance and Credit. He is married, has three sons.


Abdiraimov Pardavai


He started his career with a credit specialist group "Companion". He worked as a senior credit officer, credit manager, and regional director in the Chui, Batken and Osh regions. As a regional director, he supervised the offices located in the city of Bishkek and in several regions of the country. Under his leadership there were 36 representative offices of the company and more than 300 employees. During his work, the total number of clients of the company exceeded 50,000 people, and the volume of the credit portfolio amounted to more than 1.5 billion soms! Behind Pardavai, the position of General Director of LLC "MCC Capital Plus ". He was responsible for the general management and development of the company. In his current position he is responsible for the opening, development and quality of offices located in the southern regions of the country. Considers a strong family as the key to his successful career. He is married and has 4 children.