About Company


“Creating affordable financial solutions for rural and small cities’ residents to improve their quality of life”

We provide fast credits with minimum requirements for low-income residents of rural areas and small cities who do not have access to banking services. We promote financial literacy, provide advice on improving housing conditions, and give recommendations on how to increase agricultural and business assets. By providing our services, we strive to empower clients and their families to achieve financial well-being and social well-being.


The history of our company began in 2011. The most significant events occurred in 2013, when the Company revised its views and made a number of changes, starting with an increase in the amount of capital, up to the attraction of professional Management.

In just 10 years of operation, LLC “MCC” “Bailyk Finance” became one of the three largest microcredit companies in the country. To date, LLC “MC “Bailyk Finance” is trusted by more than 35,000 Kyrgyz people and this figure is constantly growing.

The secret of our success is simple. From the first days of work, we have relied on customer-oriented policies. We know the needs of our clients and offer them affordable credits on the most favorable terms.